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Get to know us and what we do

ReferReach is the brainchild of Kelly Choo. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Kelly witnessed how a single referral would open a myriad of opportunities. Having benefited from this, Kelly pays it forward by helping others connect.

However, Kelly realized that networking can be time-consuming and yield few or irrelevant results. Together with Frank Lee and Yusry Harfuddin, Kelly leveraged AI and blockchain technology to improve the referral process to make it more scalable, efficient, and effective.

ReferReach was officially launched in June 2021. Today, ReferReach uses its solution to scale trust and reputation building. By integrating the power of word-of-mouth recommendation with artificial intelligence, ReferReach optimizes business networking to deliver qualified leads to its users.

Why ReferReach?

ReferReach-Business Referral Platform

First-of-its-kind referral platform

Harness the exponential power of networks to create new opportunities and possibilities.

Exchange ideas, learn and get inspired by professional connections. In no time, achieve a loyal following of your brand.

ReferReach-Business Referral Platform

The right referral makes all the difference

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to bringing your vision to fruition.

We deliver the world’s best to you in the shortest time. Increase your chances of introductions and business prospects that turn into leads.

Business Referral app

Trust has become the ultimate currency

In the age of disinformation, trust has become a rare commodity. ReferReach ensures every connection continues to be relevant, credible, and worthwhile. Raise your profile as you are remembered and recognized by your peers.

Our Team

Kelly Choo

Kelly Choo


Kelly Choo

Yusry Harfuddin

Chief Technology Officer

Kelly Choo

Willy Wong

Chief Product Officer

Kelly Choo

Frank Lee

Corporate Development

Kelly Choo

Rayner Lim

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Choo

Ong Kok Chung

Sales and Business Development

Kelly Choo

Nicholas Chang

UI/UX Designer

Kelly Choo

Myska Vu

Senior Business Analyst

Kelly Choo

Brian Nguyen


Kelly Choo



Kelly Choo

Nghi Dang


Kelly Choo

Thien Nguyen


Kelly Choo

Minh Ha

QA Engineer


Answering some of your most urgent queries

What is ReferReach?

ReferReach is the first-of-its-kind referral platform that lets you easily discover, organize and prioritize business referrals. We integrate artificial intelligence with your network knowledge to create more business opportunities. 


How does ReferReach work, and why is it different from the rest?

ReferReach uses AI to match you with the right ask or response. On any other platform, you’re bound to find irrelevant information or ‘junk.’ That doesn’t happen here. This saves you all the time and energy from sifting through irrelevant leads. ReferReach only finds qualified leads with a high probability of turning into successfully closed deals.

I’m an organization looking for a partnership with ReferReach. Can we chat?

Definitely, we’ll be happy to hear from you about how we can work together. Drop us a line at contact@referreach.com

I have more questions. How do I get in touch with the team?

Email us at contact@referreach.com. You can also message us on our social media channels or Telegram (@ReferReach)