Last Update: 1 April 2022

The following ReferReach Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) apply to any ReferReach promotional credit (“Promotional Credit”) you receive from ReferReach Pte. Ltd. All Promotional Credits available in your ReferReach account will be subject to these Terms and Conditions, including Promotional Credits you redeemed before the last Update Date of this document. 


1.1. Promotional Credit may be used only for fees and charges for the specific Services designated by us (collectively, “Eligible Services”).

1.2. You must have a valid ReferReach account or create a new ReferReach account when ReferReach is publicly available. The Credit will be provided to you in terms of a code or any other format. If Promotional Credit is provided in a form of code, you will need to redeem the code via ReferReach account. After you redeem your Promotional Credit code, the amount of Promotional Credit will be automatically allocated to your ReferReach account. Each Promotional Credit code can only be used once. Your ReferReach account will be billed for all fees and charges for use of any Eligible Services in excess of the amount of available Promotional Credit.


1.3. Promotional Credit you receive is personal to you. You may not sell, license, rent, or otherwise transfer Promotional Credit. Promotional Credit may be applied only to your ReferReach account. , and may not be applied to any other account. ReferReach Promotional Credit has no intrinsic value, is not redeemable for cash, has no cash value, and serves merely as a means to recognize and provide an incentive to use our Services. Promotional Credit may not be purchased for cash and we do not sell Promotional Credit. Promotional Credit is nonrefundable.


1.4. Promotional Credit is void in the event of fraud, misuse, or violation of any terms of the ReferReach Customer Agreement or these Terms and Conditions. In addition, Promotional Credit is offered only as a promotional item, and is void if sold for cash or other consideration. In addition to any other legal relief available to us, you will reimburse us for the amount of any Promotional Credit you use in violation of these Terms and Conditions.


1.5. Promotional Credit may not be used (and you are ineligible to receive any Promotional Credit) if your use or receipt of Promotional Credit is inconsistent in any way with applicable laws.


1.6. Promotional Credit may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional or incentive offer from us or promotional or incentive offer from ReferReach Pte. Ltd. 


1.7. Promotional Credit may be used only for fees and charges for Eligible Services, and will not be applied against any sales, use, gross receipts, or similar transaction based taxes (“Value Added Taxes”) that may be applicable to you. To the extent that any fees or charges for Eligible Services exceed the amount of available Promotional Credit and are subject to Value Added Taxes, applicable Value Added Taxes will be billed to your ReferReach account.


1.8. You may not issue any press release or make any other public disclosure regarding Promotional Credit without our prior written consent. In addition, you agree not to misrepresent or embellish the relationship between us and you. For example, you agree not to imply that we support, sponsor, or endorse you unless you have our prior written permission to do so.


1.9. Promotional Credit is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date indicated when you receive the applicable Promotional Credit code (or such other date designated by us). Failure to use Promotional Credit before such expiration date will result in the forfeiture of Promotional Credit. We reserve the right to cancel Promotional Credit at any time. No refunds will be granted for any expired or cancelled Promotional Credit.


1.10. ReferReach’s Customer Agreement and this Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore.