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If you don’t see your question here, drop us an email at contact@referreach.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

What is ReferReach?

ReferReach is the first-of-its-kind referral platform that lets you easily discover, organize and prioritize business referrals. We integrate advanced technology with your networking knowledge to create more business opportunities. 


Where can I download the app?

The ReferReach app is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Who does ReferReach help?

ReferReach helps anyone passionate about making a difference. You can benefit from our services if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or investor. Do read our user testimonials and see how ReferReach has helped them.

Why should I choose ReferReach?

Unlike other social media networks, ReferReach is a referral platform. It means we are focused on word-of-mouth recommendations to influence interest, which comes at no cost. Like something? Tell a friend. If you need help, you might find someone to help you through a friend. You could even make use of ReferReach for HR referrals. Referrals are proven to grow your business.

I’ve set up my profile. What’s next?

Perfect! You’re now ready to start building your community. There are two ways to do this – Join a Trust Network and/or start your own Trust Network.

What's a Trust Network?

Unlike other networking platforms, ReferReach works based on referrals. So you will need contacts to refer and be referred by. These contacts are a part of your Trust Network

How do I join a Trust Network?

Did you receive an invite code or QR code? Go to the Trust tab on the app, enter the invite code, or scan the QR code. You will be added instantly. If you have neither, you can create your own Trust Network.

How do I create a Trust Network?

If you’re creating a Trust Network. Go to the Trust tab and tap on (+) to invite contacts. Do this individually via email, or create an invite code for mass sharing. Share it with up to 100 users.

What is the Air Feed?

This is where you will see all content (Asks) published by those in your network. All the magic happens here.

My Air Feed is empty.

Your feed is empty because your Trust Network is empty. Join or create a Trust Network to begin interacting with others. Create or respond to Asks and make introductions.

What is an Ask?

You never know what’s out there if you don’t ask. Speed things up and grow your business by asking for whatever it is you’re looking for. Maybe you need a new graphic designer. Maybe you are looking to meet metaverse experts. Simply Ask.

How do I create an Ask?

Go to the Your Asks tab and tap on ‘Create ask.’ State your purpose, fill in the required details, and publish. There is no limit, so don’t be shy. Create as many as you like.

Who sees my Ask?

Everyone in the Trust Network you are a part of will be able to see your Asks.

What happens after I Ask?

Once your Ask is published, if your contacts know someone within the same network who can help you, they will try to make an introduction. If it’s someone outside of the Trust Network, they can choose to invite them and connect you both. Your Ask can also be shared outside of the app for more reach. E.g. Facebook, Telegram, and Whatsapp. Close your Ask if it has been fulfilled.


How do I refer someone?

Refer by making an introduction between two contacts you feel may benefit from each other. (Person A is looking for an investor, and you know just the person. Introduce them in the Air Feed). Asks are displayed on top and contacts below. Swipe and decide which two would make a good pair. Then tap ‘Introduce.’ You can send a personal message or a joint message.

Someone introduced a friend to me. What do I do next?

Go to your Chat tab, find the thread with the new intro update (usually at the top of the list), tap in, and approve or reject the introduction to proceed.

What happens after I introduce them?

They can choose to accept or reject your introduction. The app will notify you if your introduction is a success.

Can’t I do this manually when I go out to network?

Yes, you can. But statistics show that 80% of business professionals do not send follow-up emails after a networking session. When you’re on ReferReach, you’ll find yourself more organized, and the chances of you forgetting to follow up are low.

How does a referral help my business?

A good reputation is key to success. Referrals are effective in enhancing your reputation. Making your business more credible will help you win customers’ trust. The more referrals you collect, the more credible you become.

What can ReferReach do for my business?

ReferReach can help you build brand awareness, find partners, find new clients and scale your network. Stand out from the rest as you gain new connections. Meet business professionals from different industries and grow your contact list.

Do I have to pay?

That’s what’s excellent about ReferReach. It’s free. We want everyone to explore genuine connections, grow their business, and make the most of virtual networking.

How does ReferReach work, and why is it different from the rest?

ReferReach uses AI to match you with the right ask or response. On any other platform, you’re bound to find irrelevant information or ‘junk.’ That doesn’t happen here. This saves you all the time and energy from sifting through irrelevant leads. ReferReach only finds qualified leads with a high probability of turning into successfully closed deals.

I’m an organization looking for a partnership with ReferReach. Can we chat?

Definitely, we’ll be happy to hear from you about how we can work together. Drop us a line at contact@referreach.com

How can I join your events?

Check out the Events tab on our website, where we list upcoming events. Sign up online, and we’ll see you in the virtual world or in-person!

How do I receive regular updates about ReferReach?

Sign up for our newsletter and receive news hot off the press. Additionally, subscribers get exclusive content and access to the most exciting events. We are always partnering with the industry’s best to bring you innovative content.

We also invite you to join our Facebook Insider Group, where you can start connecting with like-minded individuals. Share your ventures or requests in our group for more reach. It’s all about referral-generated business.


Where is my data stored and how will ReferReach use my data?

Your data is encrypted and stored on a secure cloud (AWS). We do not share any of your data with other parties unless required by a court of law. Rest assured that it is in safe hands.

I have more questions. How do I get in touch with the team?

Email us at contact@referreach.com. You can also message us on our social media channels or Telegram (@ReferReach)

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