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Say goodbye to outdated paper name cards. ReferReach is here to revolutionize the way you connect and make lasting impressions!


Traditional business cards, over 200 years old, have become obsolete in our digital era. Our platform offers you a unique personal profile page business card, online resume, and social networking hub, bring a comprehensive of your professional identity. ‘Pinned Asks’ allow you to instantly convey your priorities and interests, making networking efficient and meaningful. In Singapore and Vietnam, we elevate networking with NFC technology, granting you the power to make instant connections with a simple tap.

The Superiority of ReferReach Profile

ReferReach-Business Network platform

Featured Ask

Say goodbye to boring, static cards. Display your relevant list of business Asks at a networking event, all customized in the ReferReach app.

ReferReach-Business Network platform

Professional Platform

Showcase your professional profile and experience with integration with LinkedIn.

ReferReach-Global Business Network

Create & Share

You can share your ReferReach Profile with your contacts in messaging app, email signature and social media.

Installation steps

Download the ReferReach app.

Set up your professional ReferReach profile

Create your business Asks and tap on the ‘star’ button to feature them on your profile

Tap on the share button to share your profile to your networking groups. Alternatively you can enter your phone number to get a vCard QR code for your next networking event!

Don’t let the past hold you back, seize the future with ReferReach.

Join the networking revolution today! Elevate your networking game now for a brighter, more connected future. Discover ReferReach and start networking smart.



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