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Welcome to our NFC Digital Card Solution from ReferReach: Unlock the Power of ReferReach Profile

Enhance your professional presence and revolutionize your connection with our cutting-edge NFC (Near Field Communication) card technology. Download the App to supercharge your networking experience, build partnerships, grow your business, and create your profile.

The Superiority of ReferReach Profile

ReferReach-Business Network platform

Featured Ask

Say goodbye to boring, static cards. Display your relevant list of business Asks at a networking event, all customized in the ReferReach app.

ReferReach-Business Network platform

Professional Platform

Showcase your professional profile and experience with integration with LinkedIn.

ReferReach-Global Business Network

Create & Share

You can share your ReferReach Profile with your contacts in messaging app, email signature and social media.

Installation steps

Set up your professional ReferReach profile and Asks by downloading the ReferReach app.

Enable NFC feature from your phone settings. For iPhone users, click here for detail instructions. For Android users, click here.

Download an NFC writing app. We recommend NFC Tools but you can use any supported NFC writing app. (iOS | Android)

Copy your ReferReach profile URL from ReferReach app.

Write the copied URL to your NFC card using the installed NFC writing app and positioning the card on your phone (back center for Android phones, front top for iPhones).

That’s it! Your NFC card is now encoded with the link to your ReferReach profile. Customise your profile further with the ReferReach app.

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