A Gathering of the Biggest Crypto Names in Bali

Coinfest Asia 2022, an insight and networking festival bringing opportunities around the web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT & Metaverse spaces, took place in Bali from 25 to 26 August 2022.

It welcomed crypto enthusiasts worldwide, seeing a total of more than 1,500 attendees. This included investors, industry leaders, crypto experts, and regulators across 52 countries. This came as no surprise as Coinfest Asia was expected to make its mark as the biggest crypto festival in Asia. Especially due to its scenic location, which was chosen with the intention of providing a relaxed and almost carefree environment for anyone who showed up. It was much needed after a 2-year event hiatus due to the pandemic.

Every year before the pandemic, we always held Coinfest, but this year we wanted it to be bigger with a relaxing concept that we think suits the crypto industry’s mindset. The ambiance we think has eased crypto enthusiasts to gain knowledge and connections by being in the most comfortable setting,” said Felita Setiawan, Project Director of Coinfest Asia and Director of Coinvestasi.

The event was supported by names such as Enjinstarter, KunciCoin, 1inch, MetaOne, Swallow, Metabase, Pendulum Chain, and Metaverse Indonesia and offered enticing panel discussions that were worth the wait, such as

  • Who’s the Real Ethereum Killer
  • Is Indonesia the Crypto Sleeping Giant in Asia
  • Unstable Stablecoins

(With Prakash from Enjinstarter and Marrtin Hoon from Metaone)

Our Big Debut

ReferReach made its debut as the first-of-its-kind official networking app for this prestigious event, facilitating seamless networking. The Singapore team had the opportunity to fly to Bali and make sure things on the ground were running smoothly.
(You may have said hello to us!)

The big question is, how did ReferReach make a difference at this event? The main goal was to get everyone on board to share their business needs, give them the visibility they wanted and be able to get in touch with other attendees. All of this is done through their phones alone. It’s similar to adding someone on social media after meeting them for the first time, but with ReferReach, you can skip the small talk and get right to it.

A dedicated Coinfest Asia Trust Network was created to allow all attendees to connect with ease through the app without having to, for example, exchange business cards or start a conversation in person. The app’s Trust Network gave access to every possible contact at Coinfest Asia who was open to networking before, during, and after the event. This would mean even if one could not attend the event; networking could still be done in the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be.

It was perfect for such a massive event where it’s almost impossible to meet every individual.

One App Does it All

With a few taps and swipes on the app, one could…

  • Publish and share a business ask that is visible to everyone at Coinfest Asia
  • Connect with anyone in the Trust Network by starting a chat
  • Make introductions between contacts as the ReferReach app is, after all, based on referrals

It’s an entirely new way to network without the added fuss. The ReferReach platform basically provided a central attendee networking platform for Coinfest Asia, and unlike other virtual platforms for business, ReferReach helps its users acquire relevant leads faster by using an “AIR model” of Askers, Introducers, and Responders. The top introducers were awarded at the end of the event with Klook gift vouchers.

An Event to Remember

(With Karl Mohan from Cronos)

It was definitely an experience for the ReferReach team, who collectively agree that Coinfest Asia has raised the bar when it comes to networking events. Not only did it provide a plethora of opportunities, but it also pampered its attendees with various activities, food and drinks, amazing local food, and new opportunities.

It was the perfect mix of work and play. With success achieved at this year’s Coinfest Asia, ReferReach hopes to contribute to the mission of the Coinfest Asia initiative!

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