Jason Kong

Jason Kong
Founder of TOFFs

“Secured 2 new client deals worth $39,000 each.”

When participating in online networking events, Jason found that 99 out of 100 people he meets are irrelevant to him.

With ReferReach, Jason received targeted and accurate matches, cutting down on the amount of time and effort he needs to spend finding new leads. Jason received 4 matches on ReferReach, and was able to convert two matches into closed deals.

“Found a new client and made a new partnership.”

Caleb Sim

Caleb Sim
Founder and CEO of GENIA

As a business owner, Caleb found traditional networking cumbersome and socially draining.

In contrast, ReferReach was a breath of fresh air, quickly matching him with relevant leads. Using the platform, he was able to close a $9000 deal, and he was able to find a new partnership that he trusts and can rely on.

ReferReach-Business Referral Platform

Vicki Lew
Co-founder and Firestarter of Brew Creative

“Found a partner who came ready with 2 leads.”

Vicki knows that networking is a necessary evil but found that it often produces low results, which can be discouraging and demoralising.

ReferReach got her the quality contacts she actually wants. Within a short period of joining ReferReach, Vicki was matched with a service partner who came ready with two leads – one turned into a done deal, with the other pending.

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